Hollow Ground Barber Shop

Great Staff, good vibes, fresh music and of course, amazing cuts!


The Barber’s are friendly. The haircut is consistently awesome. I always get the cut I want. A fun experience. Highly recommended for your next cut. Thanks guys!
— Lawrence D.

Great staff, good vibe, fresh music, and of course amazing haircuts.

I heard about this place through and friend when I said I wanted to get a new look. I asked for “whatever you think would look good.” I ended up getting a haircut I totally wouldn’t have expected but I loved instantly.

Like many people probably already said, cash only, bring something to do, be prepared to wait, and maybe step out for a bite. I got here 30 minutes before open on a Saturday and there were still 12-15 people in line outside.

”What kind of barbershop has a lineup before open?” A damn good one. It’s not just hype.
— Phil C.

This is the best haircut I have ever had.
— Stephen H.

These guys know what they are doing ... With style! Sign in and relax or grab a coffee down the road - usually a wait ~1hr most times but you can sign in and come back. Highly recommended!
— Rodney H.

I’ve been coming here regularly for the past 5 years and cannot imagine going anywhere else. These guys are quality barbers that take the time to get your hair exactly the way you want it done.
— michael N